Advanced: Special Modules

These are new, experimental modules for NovelAI's Text Generation that are exclusive to our models Clio and Kayra.

What the Phrase Rep Pen UI looks like.


This special module makes it possible to tell the AI what to do, instead of telling the AI what to continue from.
Using it, you can for example write direct requests for the AI, or simply tell it how to continue the writing. This module works rather differently from the usual models as it requires the use of { curly braces } to indicate the AI what is your Instruction

Simply by typing in a {, you can create an Instruct Block, and there you can write any instruction you have.
No need to close the curly braces, as long as the text is inside the block in the Editor, it's seen as an instruction.

Instruct in action.

Please note, Instruction Blocks will only work in the Editor V2, so make sure you update your old stories if you want to use them.

You can delete an Instruct Block from the story by backspacing from one into a previous line,
or by backspacing into an empty one.

And a very unique thing about this module, is that you don't even need to pick it from the module list to use it.
Just by having an instruction in the latest ~1000 characters of your context, the models will automatically use the Instruct Module for the outputs!

Goose Tip: Instructions in the story will be excluded from your context when the instruct module is not in use.\

And finally, even though the Instruction Blocks are exclusive to the Editor, instructions can also be used in other places such as Memory and Author's Notes.
All you need to do is place your instruction in between { spaced curly braces }.
For example: { Make the witch do a backflip at some point in the fight. }
Those also work for auto-activating the Instruct Module, as long as they're in the ~1000 character range in the context.

Goose Tip: Curly braced instructions work in lorebook entries!
You can make some powerful automated set-ups using a little creativity.

Prose Augmenter

This special module makes the AI use more descriptive and flourished writing for its outputs.
It can be a great tool to enrich your stories if they start getting a little dry.

It's simpler to use than Instruct, since all you need to do to benefit from its effects is selecting the module.

Goose Tip: Use Prose Augmenter in moderation! It's a great help, but if you use it way too much, the AI can start getting too flowery and, as a result, start paying less attention to the actual plot.