Special Events

From time to time, we have events where the community can create, share and vote for content to receive fabulous prizes. Here we have a list of them.

We also have some smaller but more frequent Discord Art Contests, in addition to Collab Events.

3 Year Celebration Anniversary Contest (Ongoing)


A contest celebrating NovelAI's 3 years of service since it's initial public release in June 16th of 2021.
It is divided into an Art Contest and a Writing Contest, users may enter both.
Art Contest: Images with a "Number 3" theme; being it about groups of three, things with three parts, or even the numeral 3 itself!
Writing Contest: Screenshots of your text stories, focusing on particularly "Memorable Moments" you've encountered during these three years.

Custom Anniversary Themed Submission Examples:

Learn more details about it, and how to participate, in this Link.

2022 NovelAI Winter Contest (Concluded)


A wintery event where users were presented with a collection of holiday-themed text-generation Scenarios and then challenged to generate images based on their stories.
The holiday scenarios are still accessible in our New Story page's View All Scenarios section,
marked with a Holiday symbol. The winners were rewarded with Anlas.

Nenell's Noel Novel

Celebrate Christmas alongside a cute little elf that got left behind under your Christmas tree. Will you bring her back to the North Pole? Will you take her to see the wonders of the world? Or would you rather adopt the forgotten elf as part of your family? It's your choice to make!


First Place Second Place Third Place
おたひ Colinljy CH_1002

Steamy Sanctuary

While traveling to their next quest, a party of adventurers finds themselves hiking through an inhospitable mountain pass in the middle of an unforgiving snowstorm. A supernatural destination appears to offer them reprieve, filled with the wonders and comforts of a world beyond their own.


First Place Second Place Third Place
Sho the Engineer Benjamin W Filby Heather

Ice-Bound Castle of the Winter Lord

Your homeland has been cursed to suffer an eternal winter! The people of your land are dying and a hero rose to the challenge of saving them: you! You have traveled far to the frozen realm of the Winter Lord, the mercurial and enigmatic ruler of all things cold and frigid. Will the Winter Lord hear your plea to end the reign of ice upon your home, or will your fate match theirs?


First Place Second Place Third Place
京すけ AurasVseillya Kasumi

The Snow Globe

A mysterious snowglobe sent by Santa himself arrives in the weeks leading up to Christmas, leading to a chance encounter with the three eccentric ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.


First Place Second Place Third Place
Aledrai Xenohusky paruparu

The Cold Space Between Us

On an icy planet on the edge of settled space, two rival bounty hunters must look past their grudges and work together to earn a big payout.


First Place Second Place Third Place
Air原 あいきみ Manchott

White Christmas for a Nuclear Winter

In a lawless wasteland, ruled by tyrannical warlords, Christmas is cancelled—that is, unless if you and the power armor-clad "Mrs. Claus" have anything to say about it! Outrun or outgun those pursuing bandits to save Christmas!


First Place Second Place Third Place


2022 NovelAI Anniversary contest: A Call for Celebration (Concluded)


A colorful contest held in May 25th of 2022 to celebrate the second anniversary of NovelAI.
Users were challenged to craft text-generation Scenarios and draw art pieces with a fun 'celebration' theme.
Prizes included Anlas and the text-generation Scenarios being permanently featured in our View All Scenarios section with an Anniversary symbol.

Scenario Winners:
First Place: Cactus - My MostImportant Treasure
Second Place: TheMcD - One Last Reunion At The End Of The World
Third Place: CuteCriminal - An alliance forged by marriage

Art Winners:

First Place
Second Place Third Place
Mailman jursed


2021 NovelAIHalloween Contest: Haunted Menagerie (Concluded)


A Halloween-themed contest started on October 2nd of 2021 challenging NovelAI users to craft their spookiest AI powered Text Adventure Mode Scenarios with an open 'Halloween' theme.
The prizes included Anlas and a permanent feature in our View All Scenarios section, which can be identified with the Halloween icon.

First Place: Paragon - Bored Vampire Lord
Second Place: KGB_OpenUp - All American Monster Hunting
Third Place: Cactus - Happy Birthday from the Abyss
Third Place: Lion - The Forbidden Land
Staff Pick: OmniDaemon - Fowl Menace


2021 Sigurd NovelAI Art Contest (Concluded)

An earlier contest held in June 21st to celebrate the full release of the Sigurd model.
Users were challenged to draw original designs for the character Sigurd.
The winning design is still used as the official look of our legacy Sigurd model.




Discord Art Contests

In our official Discord server, we hold timely AI art contests with assorted themes. Here's a link detailing them:

Discord Art Contests