The team seized the opportunity to fill a gap in existing Image Models knowledge and teach the AI about tags! Tags lend much more control to your prompting and allow for consistency across different generations.

When you type your image generation prompt, tagging suggestions will appear.

The AI will suggest tags that it knows!

Our completely retrained NovelAI Diffusion now allows you to give the AI much clearer instructions on what to generate. Since the AI was trained with specific tags, it will be able to recognize labeled definitions considerably better.

Tag Knowledge Indicators

The AI will suggest tags based on what you type, and display corresponding markers indicating how much knowledge it has of each tag.

Tag knowledge is indicated by the opacity of the circles pictured on the right of each tag!

The use of tags is not required, but they can play a critical role in steering the AI in the direction you want. This will create the illusion that all your characters are consistent across different generations.


Please keep in mind that the NovelAI Diffusion models will not produce the same results as the standard Stable Diffusion model, even with the same prompt and seed.