Interface Settings

The Interface tab has everything you need to adjust text readability, button sizes, and more! Below you will find a detailed walkthrough and explanation of each feature.

Input Box Screenshot

Beyond font sizes and spacing, this tab also lets you hide certain aspects of the Editor window, such as spellcheck and the input box for a smoother writing experience, as well as enable the experimental Editor V2 and Minibar!


UI Language

UI Language Dropdown Screenshot

Currently, NovelAI supports English and Japanese. Most major UI elements have been translated, and full translation is an ongoing WIP.

Goose Tip: Clicking the flag in the user account dropdown lets you change languages as well!


Text Settings

Text Sliders Screenshot

Text too small? Too large? Having trouble selecting buttons on touchscreen? Use the Text Settings sliders to resize NovelAI's interface to your liking!

Text Sliders Example

  • Interface Font Size

    The Interface Font Size slider changes the size of text everywhere except the main Editor window. The maximum size for interface text is 24px, and the minimum is 10px.

  • Output Font Size

    The Output Font Size slider changes the size of all text in the Editor window, to a maximum of 30px, or a minimum of 10px.

  • Line Spacing

    The Line Spacing slider increases or decreases the space between individual lines of text. If lines of text appear too close together, increase this slider along with the Paragraph Spacing slider.

  • Paragraph Indent

    The Paragraph Indent slider increases the size of indentations used at the start of paragraphs in the Editor window, which are automatically placed when text begins after each newline.

  • Paragraph Spacing

    The Paragraph Spacing slider increases the spacing between individual paragraphs of text in the Editor. This slider works in addition to the Line Spacing Slider, adding extra space between paragraphs.

  • Button Scale

    Input Bar Screenshot

    The Button Scale slider changes the size of the Lorebook Lorebook, Undo Undo Icon, Redo Redo Icon, History, Retry , and Send buttons on the Input Bar at the bottom of the Editor.

  • Max Line Width

    The Max Line Width slider changes how far Editor text can stretch across the screen before wrapping around to the next line. Increasing this slider allows text to reach closer to the edge of the screen, while decreasing it compresses text.


Interaction Settings

Input Bar Screenshot

  • Gesture Controls

    The Gesture Controls toggle allows users with touchscreen devices to toggle swipe functionality on the Library and Options sidebars, allowing them to be opened and closed by swiping from the edges of the screen.

  • Swap Context Menu Controls

    Right Click Menu Screenshot

    The Swap Context Menu Controls toggle switches the functionality of the right click button in the NovelAI Editor. By default, Right Clicking opens NovelAI's special Context Menu (shown below), while using Ctrl + Right Click opens your system's context menu. If this toggle is disabled, the settings are flipped, and the Ctrl + Right Click must be used to open the menu.


Other Settings

Other Settings Screenshot


  • Input Box

    Input Box Screenshot

    [Editor V1 Only] The Input Box toggle disables the input box at the bottom of the Editor.


  • Editor Highlighting

    Input Box Screenshot

    The Editor Highlighting toggle highlights text in four different colors, according to their origin and the colors configured in the Theme tab.

    Input Box Screenshot


  • Output Spellcheck

    Spellcheck Screenshot

    The Output Spellcheck toggle enables or disables spellcheck in the Editor.


  • Context Viewer Colors

    Context Colors On Screenshot

    Context Colors Off Screenshot

    The Context Viewer Colors toggle changes the color of text in the Context Viewer depending on it's origin. For example, by default text from the Memory and Author's note boxes will appear in different shades of Yellow. Disabling this toggle makes all text appear as the default color within the Context Viewer.


  • Editor Lorebook Keys

    LB Key Screenshot

    [Editor V1 Only] The Editor Lorebook Keys toggle highlights Lorebook keys when they appear in the Editor. Keys are highlighted in bold, and hovering over them shows the name of the Lorebook Entry they trigger.


  • Show Story Title

    Story Title Screenshot

    The Show Story Title toggle allows you to enable or disable the title of your story being displayed at the top of the Editor window.


  • Show Tips

    Story Title Screenshot

    Tips appear on the bottom of the Editor, above the input bar. The Show Tips toggle enables or disables them.


  • Show Editor toolbox


    The Editor Toolbox pops up whenever you highlight text in the editor, and allows you to format text, use Inline Generation, read lines with Text To Speech, and open the Context Menu.


  • Use Editor V2 for New Stories

    Editor V2 is a full redesign of the NovelAI Editor, covered in the Editor section of this documentation. The Use Editor V2 for New Stories toggle enables it when starting a new story. You can also download backups of old stories and convert them to Editor V2 through the Library Sidebar once this toggle is enabled!


  • Paragraph Visibility Range

    Paragraph Range

    The Paragraph Visibility Range slider unloads text when it reaches the set amount of characters Off Screen, this helps with performance on larger stories. Be wary that when copying text you will have to scroll up to make sure you get everything, or use one of the export options in Story Settings.


Experimental Settings

Experimental Inteface Screenshot


  • Highlight Speech

    Highlightspeech The Highlight Speech settings change how quoted text and non quoted text are displayed in the Editor, depending on the setting. The Highlight setting italicizes text in quotes.


    While the Inverted setting italicizes everything that isn't in quotes.


    This setting also gently changes the colour of the text to be more easily distinguishable!


  • Show Identicon

    Experimental Inteface Screenshot

    The Show Identicon toggle enables a theme-specific avatar of NovelAI's goose mascot at the top of the Library Sidebar. The goose identicon changes color depending on which of NovelAI's themes you have selected in the Theme tab.


  • Show Minibar (Desktop Only)

    Minibar Screenshot

    The Minibar is a Desktop Only feature, it adds a mini sidebar to the left side of the screen with abbreviated story titles and hoverable story descriptions. Use the Minibar as a less visually intrusive method than the Library Sidebar to quickly switch between stories!