Add Quality Tags Toggle

To enhance the quality of the default image generation, we have an automatic preamble toggle. This Add Quality Tags toggle is enabled by default, but you can find it by clicking the cog icon on the top right of the Prompt box.

If enabled, all prompts will have some tags added to it that aims to enhance the final generated image.

Enable or disable the Add Quality Tags toggle.

These tags will not show was written text in your prompt, but you'll have a little reminder that it's active and it will take up space for your maximum prompt size.

Enabled quality tags.


The added tags are:

, best quality, amazing quality, very aesthetic, absurdres  at the end of the prompts for the Anime V3 model.

, {best quality}, {amazing quality} at the end of the prompts for the Furry V3 model.

very aesthetic, best quality, absurdres  at the start of the prompts for the Anime V2 model.

masterpiece, best quality,   at the start of the prompts for the Anime V1 Curated/Full and Furry V1.3 models.

The Anime and Furry V3 models use the tags at the end of the prompt due to how the tag order affects the generations when using this model. More on that on the Tagging page.

Goose Tip: Keep in mind that this setting may bias the AI towards generating pictures of anime characters, so try turning the toggle on and off as you see fit!