Strength & Noise


Strength defines how much your written prompt will affect the image and how much the AI is allowed to change the initial uploaded image. Higher Strength values allow the AI free rein to reinterpret the image you uploaded. It may help the color scheme or focal topic, depending on the precision of your prompt.

Goose Tip: Always keep in mind that if the AI ignores your prompt too much, you may need to give it more room to work with - increase the Prompt Guidance value of your generation!


Noise can help the AI add new detail to your image. For example, if you upload an image that has no background but specify a topic in your text prompt, a higher noise ratio will allow the AI to easily add new details rather than thinking that space should remain empty. Keep in mind that repeated generations with a lot of noise may start to show visual artifacts and degrade over interactions.

Goose Tip: You can lower both Strength and Noise down to their minimum values, this should generate a perfect copy of your image. Allowing you to use Enhance, Upscale, or other similar tools.