What is a Seed?

The seed is the exact way the AI calculated your specific image. Each random generation has a unique seed. You can copy the seed by selecting a generation and clicking the seed number in the bottom left.

Copy the Seed from the desired image by tapping the Seed number in the bottom left.

Seed numbers can also be found in the filename of downloaded generations.

Plugging in a previously used seed can assist the AI to generate in the same direction.

Please note, due to samplers being non-deterministic, the generation will not always turn out 100% the same way as a previous generation!

The seed of a generation is always blended in on the bottom left of your image.

Goose Tip: To generate the same image, all settings must match the original generation! This includes the image resolution as well as all other settings.

To find the seed of a previous generation make use of the history bar, find the desired generation image and click the number visible on the bottom left. This will automatically copy the seed for you to paste where you need it.

Keep in mind seeds do not correspond with basic Stable Diffusion generations outside of NovelAI.