A monthly subscription model allows NovelAI to be maintained as a service by Anlatan. Since NovelAI requires servers and compute upkeep, a subscription model is necessary.

There are many ways to enjoy NovelAI, and here we'll cover some key differences between the Subscription tiers.

The various Subscription tiers.

     Paper             Tablet             Scroll             Opus

With the exception of the Paper free trial, these subscriptions renew exactly 30 days after payment. In the event that you cancel your subscription, all your tier privileges will remain in place until your paid subscription period has ended. Keep in mind that you cannot purchase additional Anlas if you cancel your subscription!

Paper Tier (Free Trial)

You can enjoy some NovelAI features while not subscribed via a Free Trial that allows you to experiment with Text generation before deciding on what Tier to subscribe to.

You get 50 free Text output generations when accessing the website as a guest, plus 50 extra generations if you're logged in with an e-mail-verified account, up to a total of 100 free Text generations.

Also included are 100 free Text to Speech generations so you can check out NovelAI's very own customizable AI voice technology.

Goose Tip: You have access to a wide variety of Text generation settings and features during the free-trial. We usually recommend the default settings, but feel free to experiment with them!

Also note: All settings and stories created during the Free Trial are carried over when you subscribe. You can also manually download all stories at once, in case you want to make sure you can import them back later.

Tablet Tier

The most basic NovelAI subscription is the Tablet tier, with a cost of $10 USD monthly.
Despite being the cheapest possible option, it already gives you unlimited Text and Text to Speech generations for the entire duration of the subscription.
With a Tablet subscription, you can already use the Text and Voice generation AI to your heart's content.

Along with 1000 Anlas for you to use for Image Generation and Module Training.

Scroll Tier

This is the second tier of NovelAI subscription, costing $15 USD.
While very similar to the Tablet tier at a glance, it has access to a setting that makes a big difference for your storytelling: A larger Context Size. That means that the AI will "remember" more things on a Scroll subscriber's story compared to a Tablet tier.

Of course, the Scroll tier also has all the benefits of the Tablet tier, including the 1000 Anlas that refill every month.

Opus Tier

The most premium of the NovelAI subscription tiers.
This subscription costs $25 USD per month, but it boasts great bonuses compared to the other tiers.

Not only does it also feature all of the other tier benefits, it is the tier with the largest token context size, being able to remember up to 8192 tokens. Enrich your stories with extensive lore and detailed prose, with no worries about the AI forgetting key narrative elements.

Alongside a larger context size, Opus also features the option of generating longer outputs with a maximum of ~600 characters instead of the usual ~400 characters.

Additionally Opus users also have exclusive access to Krake, one of our previous experimental models for any AI enthusiasts that enjoy playing with older content.

Also note that new, experimental features are often released as Opus-exclusive perks.

Opus also has a special benefit for Image Generation, allowing you to generate images free of Anlas cost, as long as they're generated one at a time, without any other image used as a base, are at least "Normal Sized", and have a "Steps" value of 28 or less.

And not only that, Opus subscribers also get a whopping 10,000 Anlas refill every month to spend on complex Custom Modules and larger, or more Image Generations.

Goose Tip: With Opus you can effectively generate an unlimited amount of images (up to a specific size), it is the recommended tier for people who want to generate many images.


When you're subscribed to NovelAI, you get unlimited Text generation and Text to Speech, but some other features are limited due to upkeep costs. For those, you can spend your Anlas! At the moment, the only features that require Anlas usage, are Image Generation and Custom Module Training.

You receive Anlas when you first subscribe, and it refills whenever your subscription renews.
For example, if you are subscribed to the Tablet tier, and have used only 500 Anlas of your initial 1000 Anlas, you will receive exactly 500 Anlas when your subscription renews.

Additionally, you can purchase Paid Anlas by clicking the + button beside the Anlas display.\

The purchased Anlas will be labeled as Paid Anlas, and won't be spent until you've depleted your refillable Subscription Anlas first. The Paid Anlas also don't count towards the monthly refill, so even if you have more Total Anlas than your initial amount, you will still get the spent Subscription Anlas refilled.

Anlas Pricing.

Goose Tip: Since only your spent Subscription Anlas get refilled, make sure you spend any leftovers before renewal!