Image Generation Models

NovelAI Diffusion has 3 different models you can choose from when generating images.
Each of these models will behave differently, and should be selected according to what kinds of images you want to generate.
A description of the model you are currently selecting is displayed right above the prompt box. You can click it to select another model.

NovelAI Diffusion Anime (Curated)

The NovelAI Diffusion Anime (Curated) model provides good baseline quality and predictable subject matter.
It is trained on a somewhat smaller training set of cleaner and more focused images.

Goose Tip: The (Curated) model is great for general use, and if you want to make extra sure you don't generate any sensitive images on accident. It's the safest choice when streaming video!


NovelAI Diffusion Anime (Full)

The NovelAI Diffusion Anime (Full) model has an expanded training set that allows for a wider variety of generations.
Compared to the (Curated) Model, it may have an easier time working with cruder concepts.

Goose Tip: Give the (Full) model a try if you're attempting to generate something specific and the (Curated) model doesn't seem able to do it!


NovelAI Diffusion Furry (Beta)

The NovelAI Diffusion Furry model makes it easy to create content themed around furries and anthropomorphic animals.
This model is still being developed, so it is labeled as (Beta).

Note that this model uses different Tags from the Anime models'.

Goose Tip: Give the Furry model a try and don't overlook the possibilities of this model, it can do so much more than furry art!


Please keep in mind that the NovelAI Diffusion models will not produce the same results as the standard Stable Diffusion model, even with the same prompt and seed.