The Account tab contains multiple user information settings, subscription management, and a few important story-related options. This page is also where you can view and purchase Gift Keys

  • Manage

    The Manage button opens a popup menu that allows you to Activate Gift Keys and Change your Subscription via the Subscription page.

  • Pen Name

    The Pen Name you set here will appear on any stories that you Export as a Scenario.

  • Email

    Changing your email address will require you to enter your current account email and password for verification.

  • Password

    Changing your NovelAI password will require you to verify your current email and password.

Goose tip: Backup your stories before changing your email or password! Saved stories are lost once you do!

  • Delete Account

    When deleting your NovelAI account we will send you a verification email, a popup will prompt you to enter the email address you wish to use.

  • Show Account ID

    Clicking the Show Account ID button will reveal your unique account ID.

  • Get Persistent API Token

    The Get Persistent API Token button allows you to obtain an API token for use with the NovelAI API. The prompt that appears may say 'overwrite' even if it is your first time using the button, so do not be alarmed.

    Once you generate a new token using the Overwrite button, you can use the Copy Icon to copy it to your clipboard, or click Show Full Token to display and highlight the full token. Once you close the popup you will not be able to view the token again, so ensure you keep it somewhere safe or copy it to where you need it before moving on.

Goose tip: Generating a new Persistent API Token will invalidate your old one. Remember to update the Persistent API Token in your API access point or any other locations you use it!

Default Storage and Conflict Stories Pic

Default Storage Location

The Default Storage Location toggle determines the default setting used for new stories. Keeping this set to Server is recommended.

Ignore Remote Story Conflicts

The Ignore Remote Story Conflicts toggle disables the popup that appears when a conflict is detected between a remote and local version of a story.

Download All Stories

Downloading all your stories may take some time, but will appear in a .zip file that will be downloaded to your browser's downloads folder.

Gift Keys

Gift Keys

All of your purchased Gift Keys will appear in this list. Use the Purchase New Gift Key button to purchase a key, available in any of our three Subscription Tiers.