When starting any new story, the settings from this page are applied. From the Defaults tab you can set your default models, presets, and modules as well as your preferred Lorebook settings.

Default AI Model

Default AI Model Pic

Depending on which model you pick as a default, different presets and modules will be available in the other dropdowns below. When new models release make sure to change your default model, as it is not changed automatically!

Default Preset Module Pic

Default Preset

Each model comes with a set of default presets, but after saving or importing your own you can set those as your default when starting new stories as well.

Default AI Module

Have a favorite module? Only like playing text adventures? Use the Default AI Module dropdown to start every story with your preferred module already loaded. Older models also support custom module training, and those can be set here as well.

Lorebook Generation Settings

Lorebook Gen and Preset Pic

Lorebook Generation Model

You can change the model used for lorebook generation. If you prefer the stylings of our older models or simply want to experiment, use the Lorebook Generation Model dropdown to change things up.

Lore Generation Preset

Presets can operate differently when used for lorebook generation, so pick what works best for you. Custom presets are also supported in this dropdown.

Legacy Lore Generation

The Legacy Lore Generation toggle enables the legacy module in the Lorebook lore generation section. The legacy module, as stated in the disclaimer when turned on, is a less consistent fewshot prompt based generator.