As you generate images multiple times, they will stay saved in the History tab to the right side of the screen, as long as you don't end the session by leaving or refreshing the page.

The History tab.

And the History tab isn't just for show, it has many useful functionalities that we're sure will help you a lot.

Goose Tip: The History tab is shown by default when you access the Image Generation page. But it might be hidden if your resolution is small enough. But whether the history tab is shown or hidden, all images generated will be stored there.


Go to Image

Simply clicking a thumbnail in the History tab will select it and bring it back to the center of the UI, where you can look at it in all its glory, check its resolution, its seed and do things to it such as downloading or upscaling, as if you had just generated it.

The History tab.

Copy Settings

Control+Click a thumbnail in the History tab to copy its prompt and undesired content, along with every setting, except for the seed, to their respective places.

Keep in mind, however, that initial images used for control tools do not get copied.

Copy Seed

Shift+Clicking a thumbnail in the History tab will import its image's Seed straight to the Seed box. Allowing you to generate a similar image, but with your current changes to the prompt and settings.

Goose Tip: You can Control+Shift+Click a thumbnail in order to copy all the settings and the seed at the same time. This would generate in the same exact image as the one in History, so make sure to change something before trying to generate!

Delete Image

If you want to delete an image from your history, you can do that. As you hover the cursor over a thumbnail, you will see an X button on its top right. Clicking it will bring out a pop-up asking if you really want to delete the image.

The Delete Image button

Goose Tip: The images are only saved in History while you remain in a session. So if you refresh or leave the page, you'll effectively delete every image in your History!


The thumbnails in the History tab will have icons indicating certain aspects of their generation.

These icons can indicate how many images were generated at once, what Control Tool was used, or if it was Upscaled or Enhanced.

All kinds of indicators

Download ZIP

If you have generated a bunch of images and want to quickly download them all at once, there's a nifty button at the very bottom of the History tab that will do it for you. It groups all the images into a .zip file and downloads it. Be wary that, depending on how many images you've generated in the session, it can take a while to download.

Pin image

While having an image selected, you can click the pin icon located below the image to have the image pinned.

The pin button

When you have a pinned image hidden behind the left panel, you can click it to quickly bring it up to compare to any other image you have selected, while also having quick access to go back to the pinned image itself, or copy its seed.

Pinned image in action

Clicking anywhere in the center area, including on the brought up pinned image itself, will hide it again. You can, however, click anywhere in the History tab or the left panel, so you can navigate the History or adjust settings freely while the pinned image is visible.