Image Upload - Img2Img Generation

Img2Img / Upload Image

When you hit Upload Image, you have the option to provide the AI an image to work off of. After selecting an image of your choice, you can customize how much your uploaded image and your written prompt will affect your next generation with the Settings to the right, or you can just hit Generate and see what happens!

Your prompt matters

If you want the subject of your uploaded image to stay the same, then providing a detailed prompt that reiterates what is visible or desired, will most likely give the best results.

Let the AI work off what your uploaded image displays by describing it in your prompt, or deviate from it!

You can use the uploaded image as a color guide or thematic starter point for a completely different type of generation: Deviate your text prompt from the uploaded content and watch the AI stick to the uploaded image, visual concept and colors while generating new concepts.

Goose Tip: Entering and exploring random prompt text or tags might also produce very neat results!


Strength defines how much your written prompt will affect the image and how much the AI is allowed to change the initial uploaded image. Higher Strength values allow the AI free reign to reinterpret the image you uploaded. It may help the color scheme or focal topic depending on the precision of your prompt.


Noise can help the AI add new detail to your image, for example, if you upload an image that has no background but specify a topic in your text prompt a higher noise ratio will allow the AI to easily add new details rather than keep it confined to what already exists. Keep in mind that repeated generations with a lot of noise may start to show visual artifacts and degrade over interactions.

Goose Tip: Feeding newly generated images back into the AI by enhancing them with slight prompt adjustments combined with weak strength can create fantastic results!

Steps & Scale

You can also lower the Scale of your generation to prevent the AI from changing up your image too much, and play around with the finer process of generations! We recommend getting a feel for things with some trial and error.

We’ve also noticed that the text prompts used on an already existing image can have different effects than on a purely text-based prompt. Try removing most of your text prompt, lowering the Strength & Noise and watch the AI just subtly change a few aspects of your image! There is a lot of new room still left to explore, and we highly encourage you to give it a try!

Edit Image

If you want to be creative, go click Edit Image right below the thumbnail of your Uploaded Image to make use of our built-in Edit Image Canvas](../image/**!